The XL and Large Lovable Hedgehogs have a deep-sounding grunt noisemaker and a rattle inside. The small Hedgehog has a squeaker.

The Hedgehog fits naturally in a dog’s mouth, which makes it enjoyable to carry. Compared to most other plush toys, the soft faux fur and minimal seams lessen a dog’s need to rip and tear this toy.

Large and XLarge are brown or grey. The small Hedgehogs are adorable and are available as Holly, with her eyelashes and pink feet, or her 2 brothers brown Homer and grey Harley.

Sizes: S - 6" X 8" X 4" $4.99
L - 9" X 12" X 7" $12.99
XL - 10" X 15" X 7" $16.99

Hedgehog Dog Toy


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