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September 2014 SPECIAL
Custom Paracord Dog Leashes 
ONLY $20 (6') and FREE Shipping 
 Leashes are made with 550 Paracord and are available in over 40 colors. The color combinations are endless! 
Standard 6' length and made with 1 or 2 colors in either a spiral or stripe pattern. Clips are silver 3/8" bolt snaps. Slip leads have 1/2" hardware in either silver or brass. Any customization is possible...ie, longer leash, bigger or smaller snaps. Contact me and we can discuss what you want.


“Here! Hold this.” And that is how my love affair with Welsh Corgis started. A friend handed me a cute bundle of red and white fur and I was hooked. That was in 1993 and I have been happily owned by 5 Pembrokes and a Cardigan since then. They are from all over the US, not obtained because of a great pedigree or promise of a “show-quality” dog but because they each found a special place in my heart from the moment I saw them. All of them have changed my life and taught me so many things. These little “Fairy steeds” are enchanting and no one can resist their smiling little faces. Click here to read the folklore and truths about the Corgi. 

I created this website to combine my lifetime of retail experience with my “geeky” side and my love of animals.  All of the products on this site are for all dogs. I strive to find good quality items that are fairly priced and dog approved. 

 Safety is always an important concern for dog owners. We have K9 Life Vests for water play, Seat Belt Harnesses for a safe ride, and lead-free zinc based metal alloy Saint Francis of Assisi medals and Swarovski Crystal Charms/ID Tags. All Charms/ID Tags come in two sizes for small and large dogs. They make great crate decorations or zipper pulls, too!

We also have Deer Antler Chews for a healthy alternative chew to rawhide. The Wander Bed is easy care and comfortable outside by the pool, on the boat, or on vacation. Our Duck Cloth Dog Bed Covers are durable, washable and can be stuffed with inexpensive people pillows or old blankets. See our free directions for making Raised Dog BedsOur custom-made Paracord Dog Leash is rot and mildew resistant, durable and easily washes with soap and water. Choose from 45 colors for that just-right custom look.


I started feeding my dogs a "raw" diet in early 2007. My switch to raw came from frustration. My 2 year old male Pembroke (who is the model for the picture at the top of the page) had developed a skin problem and over several months and countless trips to the vet (lots of $$ too!) nothing helped. I was trying to run agility with him and he was miserable from itching. So, with the mentoring of a friend, I switched my dogs to raw. Within 2 weeks my itchy boy was on the mend! The sores were healing, the hair was growing back and he was much happier! That was all the proof I needed. Feeding raw is absolutely the right thing for my dogs. There is a lot of information on the internet about feeding raw and if you ask 10 people how they feed raw you will get 10 answers (at least). We all know our dogs best and I have developed a good feeding program for my dogs. Yours will be different. Do your research and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much easier and cheaper feeding raw is...not to mention the wonderful benefits for your dog!

Click Here for a sample of RAW Daily menu and recipes

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"In the corgi, man created the perfect blend of intelligence, speed, and oversized canine boldness." 

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